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Centric Solutions

I am the CEO & Founder of Centric Solutions LLC. We are a credit restoration company that empowers people to live there best life, debt and credit free! Centric Solutions LLC is an Innovative and Global Corporation. We help with debt relief, credit repair , credit management and educate on credit building. We work as a liaison between clients, credit bureaus, collectors and creditors.

We are far from a onetime credit repair company which we are dedicated in helping you, our customers, build a strong and successful credit history. Its time to live your best life, credit & debt free! We are here to help get you there.


 Our focus is you, the customer, and your story behind your credit score, your credit goals and desires, and your willpower to redirect a better credit history for yourself and for your future..  

President Sales & Marketing


Our company believes that we can make a difference in your life by assist in rewriting your credit story so it can replicate who you are today. We understand that a credit score is not just a number; it's a lifestyle change and that change starts with you.